Sights to visit around Ms Taha Villas Ba Vi

Suoi Cai: belongs to the Muồng Cháu village, in the Vân Hòa commune, within the Ba Vi district, about 1 km from Ms. Taha Villas Ba Vi.

Suoi Cai has wilderness because it has never been exploited for tourism. Visitors can enjoy the fresh and cool air and beautiful quiet scenery. It is a beautiful stop to take pictures.

Visitors can use google maps to find their way. Our neighbors are very warm and welcoming and could guide you very enthusiastically if you have any questions.

Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien eco-tourism area: located in Muồng Cháu village, about 1km from Ms. Taha Villas Ba Vi.

There are 3 big waterfalls here: Mơ waterfall, Mâm Xôi waterfall, and Hòa Lan waterfall. The terrain keeps the climate here cool all year round.

Opening hours: 8 am – 9 pm. Contact phone number of Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien eco-tourism area: (024) 33969688.

Ba Vi National Park: 7 km from Ms Taha Villas Ba Vi. The route is quite simple, just follow the map to get there.

Locations: Cactus Garden, Ngoc Hoa Cave, Pine Forest, Old French Church, Ngoc Hoa Peak, Tieu Dong Peak – Bach Xanh Complex, Thuong Temple, Uncle Ho’s Temple, Bao Thien Tower.

Dishes: Lam rice, hill chicken, wild boar, Ba Vi dairy products.

Some important contacts in Ba Vi National Park in case assistance are needed:

  • Mobile Ranger Station: 0987165113 – 0913301038.
  • Center for Environmental Education and Service: 0966173119 – 0963871996.

Thien Son – Suoi Nga eco-tourism area: in Vân Hòa commune, Ba Vi district, 9km from Ms. Taha Villas Ba Vi.

Located in the middle of a valley in a natural forest with 3 sub-areas of Hạ Sơn, Trung Sơn, and Ngoạn Sơn. The climate is cool all year round and there are many diverse animals. The beautiful scenery in Hạ Sơn area is Hạ Sơn Lake, the small streams, and bridges across. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the row of houses on stilts designed close to the cliff and surrounded by vines.

The most attractive point in the tourist area is the immense and immense sky gate waterfall. From a height of several tens of meters, there are 3 streams of water pouring down the mountainside to form a natural swimming pool. The spring water is clear that you can see even the grains of sand on the bottom. Next to the swimming pool is Thiên Sơn cave. This is a service point for breakfast, dressing, relaxation, and a mini stage for cultural exchanges with a giant lake.

Ba Vi Pond Ecotourism Area: 11km from Ms Taha Villas Ba Vi.

Ao Vua eco-tourism area stretches at the foot of the Tản Viên mountain. Visitors will be living in the vast and legendary Vietnamese cultural space. The story of Hùng Duệ Vương, princess Ngọc Hoa, along with the god of mountain Sơn Tinh, and the god of water Thủy Tinh depicts the war between heaven and earth of two gods forever is the most beautiful legend of the Vietnamese people. Ao Vua has been described as having a majestic, poetic landscape, clear ecological environment, humanistic space.

Activities: climbing mountains, crossing waterfalls, bathing the ancient kings, having fun in the water park, Ferris wheel, multi-purpose playhouse, visiting Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh cave, cruising on a yacht on the surface of fairy lake, or playing with birds in the garden. After enjoying the specialties of the mountains and forests of the land of Tan Vien Son Thanh, visitors can visit the Thượng temple, the Trung temple, the Mía pagoda, the Và temple, etc.

Culture – tourism village of Vietnamese ethnic groups: 17km from Ms. Taha Villas Ba Vi.

National center for cultural, sports, and tourism activities, which focuses on recreating, preserving, promoting, and exploiting the traditional cultural heritages of the ethnic groups of Vietnam.

The cultural village of Vietnam’s ethnic groups is divided into many different zones including ethnic villages area, cultural and entertainment center, world cultural heritage area, park area, general service area, green area, and Dong Mo lake.

Above are some suggestions of Ms. Taha Villas Ba Vi. The places to visit have their own fees, you can look up more on google & contact each location for more details.